Litigation and Dispute Resolution Representation

The Franchise & Business Law Group has represented or assisted with representing numerous franchisors and franchisees in litigation, arbitration and mediation with their franchisees/ franchisors. A substantial number of our clients have been franchisees, including franchises operating in industries such as automotive services, auto rental, child day care, hotels and motels, and restaurants.

Most of these cases, for both franchisees and franchisors, have included claims of fraud or misrepresentation in violation of the Maryland Franchise Registration and Disclosure Law, the FTC Franchise Rule, or other state franchise sales laws. Some cases have included claims of wrongful termination of the franchise and/or violation of antitrust laws with regard to required purchases by franchisees. Our franchising lawyers have experience with disputes concerning franchise sales and relationships, construction defects, securities law, antitrust law and other commercial disputes.

“When my husband and I came to you last year, we were devastated that we had been misled by the franchise that we had purchased. We admitted that we had a lack of sound legal advice, resulting in the possibility of losing thousands of dollars. The franchise had stopped returning our calls and we were at a financial standstill, not able to move forward with our venture. 10 days after you took our case and communicated with the franchisor, they offered a satisfactory settlement. Through your representation, we learned what to look for when negotiating deals and how to filter through, the ‘sell.’ Your expertise and legal reviews helped us as we moved towards a more reputable deal within another industry. Thank you, David! You saved our investment and we have seen great results with our current venture.”

Valerie R. Hicks, M.Ed.
Vice President
Knowledgepoints Learning Center
Ellicott City, Maryland

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