About Us

It is no secret that starting any kind of business can be a challenge for even the most seasoned entrepreneurs.  When you enter the world of franchising, however, there are not only the “regular” small business issues, but also the dynamic of the franchisee-franchisor relationship.

The lawyers at Franchise & Business Law Group in Baltimore, Maryland, understand this relationship.

Led by David L. Cahn, Attorney at Law, the Franchise & Business Law Group at Whiteford Taylor & Preston L.L.P. (www.wtplaw.com) is a resource for entrepreneurs in the greater Baltimore and Washington, DC regions  who seek legal advice and counsel from attorneys who have concentrated in this unique area of law, complemented by their familiarity with general business law.

Most of the firm’s clients are either: (1) franchising their tried-and-tested business concepts; (2) purchasing a franchise, either as an existing business or to start up; or (3) active franchisees that have a dispute with their franchisor, are selling their franchise, or are purchasing or starting a non-franchised business.

The Franchise & Business Law Group also represents many of its clients for legal matters beyond the scope of the franchise relationship, in issues such as commercial real estate leases or transactions, the buying or selling of an existing business, or intellectual property protection and licensing.

The Franchise & Business Law Group at Whiteford Taylor & Preston is a proud supplier member of the International Franchise Association.